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Tim "TC" Lynch

Greetings from Shaolin! I'm Tim "TC" Lynch, and this is my... I'm not quite sure

Hiya, I'm Tim "TC" Lynch, Head Honcho at Leather Penguin Publishing, where no job is too big or small.

Tim "TC" Lynch's Background

Tim "TC" Lynch's Experience

Consultant at Conley Corp

August 1995 - February 1996

Designed and documented DOS, UNIX and MacOS versions of user manual for Conley's in-house developed RAID array server storage software and hardware.

Macintosh Maven at Staten Island Jewish Community Center

May 1994 - August 1995

Macintosh Maven Created various materials for JCC's public relations, day care and senior citizen programs. Provided instruction to JCC staff on the goodness that is Jobs & Woz.

Systems Administrator at Phone King, Intl.

March 1992 - February 1995

Administered Macintosh local area network for telecommunication equipment company; expanded Appletalk LAN and installed Ethernet backbone. Additional duties included all hardware and software purchases, administrating POSIM (Point of Sale Inventory Management) server, instructing telemarketers on POSIM software; exported sales and inventory figures to Excel spreadsheets, then instructed sales staff on what the numbers meant.

Floor Operations Manager and Chief Arbitrage Desk Representative at New York Commodities Exchange

September 1978 - August 1990

Various positions; multiple companies Began as back office clerk; transferred to trading floor and progressed

Head Honcho at LeatherPenguin Publishing

February 1993

Desktop and web publishing services ranging from printing (business card to bound book; advertising flyers to on-the-wall signage, awnings, etc...), to editorial services that rein in wildly misanthropic writing. LPP also provides technical (hardware/software and networking) support for Mac OS-based machines for small businesses and individuals. For a bigger fee, we will do Windows.

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